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We’ve spent many years traveling, visiting, and training at the best BJJ academies in the world while learning from the best instructors. As a result, we have compiled the best and most effective methods used in BJJ training today.

Our adults BJJ program is based on modern Jiu-Jitsu concepts and techniques that have proven effective at the highest level in the sport of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

classes included:

Fundamentals (GI)

Fundamentals (NOGI)

Advanced GI & NOGI

masters 35+ (gI)

Wrestling for BJJ

BJJ101 (GI)

program options


  • $169 Paid Monthly
  • No Savings
  • Unlimited Classes


  • $897 Paid 6 months
  • Save $20 month
  • Unlimited Classes


  • $1697 Paid Yearly
  • Save over $350
  • Unlimited Classes

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