Respect, Discipline, Friendship

kids BJJ

Build confidence while having fun

Modern Jiu-Jitsu

Martial Arts provide a guided method for young people to learn new life skills.  By participating in a group class with like-minded kids they build confidence, discipline, friendships and stay active and engaged.


  • We follow a curriculum that provides a structure for kids to follow
  • Your child we be rewarded for their progress with monthly reviews and testing (at no cost!)
  • Students must pass with at least 80% in order to achieve their next stripe.
  • Your child will be provided actionable feedback, letting them know how they are progressing and anything they need to work on.
  • Students learn discipline by practicing and executing countless movements by following the instructions of the coaches
  • Students will learn physical skills that can be applied in self-defense situations
  • Games and Drills are used every class to have the students engage in fun activities that reinforce what they've learned in class


  • No Savings
  • 2 Classes a week


/ month
  • $715 Paid Twice Year
  • Save $10 a month
  • 2 Classes a week


  • $1188 Paid Yearly
  • Save over $350
  • 3 Classes a week
Best Value!

"A champion should ask himself: ‘if I were to compete against myself, what would I practice to beat me?"

- Leo Vieira