Adult Program

topic study

This is where where we study the game

what you need to know about topic study

Each week we will dive into a specific topic and dissect the key components.   As a group, we will work through various fundamentals, techniques and ideas and troubleshoot questions together as a team.

This class is designed for you to be able to ask about all of the “what if?” scenarios you might be facing.

Special Guest Instructor will be brought in from time to time.

main key features about this class

The topic study will revolve around a specific topic.  The techniques and concepts discussed and taught will vary based on the discussion within the class.

Classes include:

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important things

Students must have at least 3 months experience

need to know

Train the mind as much as the body

"The rule is to train, train and train some more. Train until the lamb becomes the lion."

- Paulo Miyao