We pride ourselves in the development of our programs to provide the best use of every students time while at our academy.

Kids Program

Our kids program follows a structured curriculum. Most importantly, it includes on the 4th week a review and (free) test to ensure all of the students are rewarded for their progression. We keep our kids program limited in capacity, to ensure we follow each student's progress closely. This allows us to provide actionable feedback should they have to miss a class or need to work on a given skill.

Next start date: November 2019-December 2019 (Half semester) Next Full semester: January 2020

25 student capacity
Structured curriculum and testing schedule
Weekly Life Skills topics

Adult Programs

We've spend years travelling, visiting, training at some of the best academies around the world and learning from some of the best instructors out there. As a result we compiled some of the best and effective methods used.
Our program for the adults is based on modern jiu-jitsu concepts and techniques. Moreover, those that are used at the highest level in the sport of Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

Adult Classes will have a limit in capacity
We focus on concepts and techniques that are used at the highest level in the sport
Beginners guided through fundamental concepts and skills Intermediate and
Advance students have ability to train towards their specific goals and skill