Our modern approach uses a sport development philosophy. This includes not only teaching the specific techniques, concepts and strategies but also understanding the physical capabilities of every student.

Every student has their unique abilities, we developed a system that works for that individual.   One may be flexible and fast while another may be stronger.   Each individual will learn to adapt the concepts shown to meet their own personal system and goals.

Goal Setting

We understand that everyone is unique and we aim to embrace that. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu as a sport can offer each person a unique benefit, and we believe that individualized goal setting is key for ensuring each and every single student gets the most out of their time in the academy.

Some examples of the types of students who will have different goals:

The hobbyist who comes 1-2 times a week to stay active, learn skills while socializing with new friends

The active kid who is eager to learn a “cool” martial art with other kids while building gaining key life skills

The bullied kid who wants to learn a new skill in a safe, friendly and warm environment with other welcoming kids, allowing them to gain crucial skills and confidence

The fitness student who comes 2-3 times a week with the goal to get in shape and learn at the same time

The competitor who trains 4-5 times a week with goals to travel and compete against peers from around the country and world.

The scholar who trains 3-5 times a week who’s primary goal is to seek knowledge and improvement in their own techniques and skills, but may never compete in the tenure.

The quiet one who comes when they are able looking for the place to build their confidence

These are just a few of the unique student types, and we work with every student to identify what their goals are and make a unique plan for them to meet those goals.